Saeed Talajooy

Saeed Talajooy is lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Persian at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Talajooy has taught and published on literature, drama and cinema in Iran and the UK, and is currently teaching comparative literature, Persian literature, and Iranian cinema and drama. His research is on the reflections of the changing patterns of Iranian identities in Persian literature and Iranian theatre and cinema. It involves analysing the works of Iranian playwrights and filmmakers to find how they refashion indigenous forms and characters or adapt Iranian and non-Iranian myths, history and literary narratives, to challenge dominant political and cultural discourses. His publications include articles on Iranian theatre and cinema, a forthcoming two-volume mongoraph on Bahram Beyzaie's cinema and theatre, a special issue of Iranian Studies on Bahram Beyzaie, and a co-edited volume entitled Resistance in Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies: Literature, Cinema and Music.